I have over 8 years experience working as a Freelance 3D Generalist at multiple studios in Manchester and London, with growing experience as an Art Director specialising in CGI and animation. I've worked on a wide range of projects but my area of focus is within advertising, whether it be animation, cinematics, games trailers, TV shows, TV commercials, online, post production or promotional stills. My areas of expertise are art direction, lighting, shaders, texturing, rendering, composition and scene layout/development. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a message.

Selected Work

Star Wars: Origins - Short Film

Flipbook | Lead Artist + CG Art Director

Hyundai - Turning Petrol Heads

LUT | VFX Artist

Manchester Makes Memories

Flipbook | 3D Generalist

Portal Royale 4 - Announcement Trailer

Flipbook | Art Director + 3D Generalist

British Gas Rewards

Nexus Studios | 3D Generalist

CS:GO Major eSports Tournament

FACEIT | Director + CG Generalist

Get In Touch

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Max Wood. Freelance 3D Generalist. Freelance 3D Artist. Freelance CG Generalist. Freelance CG Artist. Freelance Creative. Freelance Art Director. Manchester, UK.